Kitchen "under the tree"

The interior decor is "wood" is very popular, because. wood goes well, as with the dark, and light shades. Moreover, the wooden finish of the rooms can be in harmony, as with modern furniture and accessories, and with a more vintage design objects.

We have already seen a photo of the design bathrooms "under the tree", now let's talk about that, how to make interior design wooden kitchen.

All kitchen furniture should be wooden, no matter dark or light wood. Furniture design can be modern (with marble countertops, metal inserts, etc.), and maybe a classic (strict carved furniture and accessories).

Most often, the kitchen design "under the tree" will apply if the cottage or the apartment is decorated in these styles, as:

Walls can realize the wooden panels, plastic wood and white plaster.

The ceiling can be represented by beams or, as the walls, plastered in white color. A good idea will be to create a coffered ceiling.

As flooring well-proven flooring and ceramic tile "wood" (ceramic flooring).

To your attention photo of the interior of the wooden kitchens:

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