Style of minimalism in interior design appeared in the second half 20 century. This style involves simplicity and functionality of the interior with a minimal amount of furniture and decorative elements. The basic idea of minimalism is the achievement of spatial freedom in the room, in this case, that would be all necessary conditions of comfort was present. The main requirement to create an interior in style of minimalism: should not be curved lines, patterns, etc., furniture and accessories must have the correct geometric shape.

The main features of the interior in the style of minimalism are:

  • Color palette. The most commonly used combination 2-3 colors, such as white, grey, black, brown, beige. To use more, than 3 color is not accepted, because. in this case, the brevity of the interior will not be met.
  • Materials for interior decoration can be a tree, plastic, glass, metal and stone.
  • For the walls use textured plaster or Wallpaper. Regarding the latter, Wallpaper must not have ornamentation or patterns. It is best to use embossed Wallpaper, which are not clearly distinct pattern.
  • As a floor covering it is recommended to use ceramic tile, wooden parquet or even linoleum. The main thing that kind of sex is not conspicuous.
  • Ceilings plaster to match the walls. The interior in a minimalist style typical of concealed ceiling light, therefore, most of the ceilings are halogen and neon lamps.
  • Furniture, as in the style constructivism, don't have to be flashy and stand out on the background of the interior. It is best to use furniture of regular geometric shape, white, black or grey. In any case, should not be carving or gilding. It is recommended to use wooden, plastic and soft furnishings.
  • Windows large, without curtains.
  • Extra trinkets, as we have said, shouldn't be. Only welcome lamps, and in those places, where it really need.

Finally, I would like to note, what, despite its brevity, minimalist architecture creates a harmonious and at the same time, creative interior.

To your attention photo of the interior in the style of minimalism:

So I advise to view photos design ideas apartments style classicism and deconstruction!

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