Marine style

Marine style in the interior is a very creative and original. To create apartment interior in Maritime style, you must use the accessories and shades, characteristic of the beach, sea, sand.

Most often use a marine style in the interior of the cafe, a child's room, bath, living room and, of course, cottages on the shore of the sea.

The main features of the marine style in the interior are:

Color palette. The only acceptable option is to use white with various shades of blue. In a small amount, you can add these colors, as orange, coral, brown.

Materials for interior furnishings are light wood and cloth in blue and white stripes.

Wall decided to paint mural on a nautical motif or seal Wallpaper. Sometimes used plastering the walls are plain white or beige stucco. The bathroom is laid with ceramic tiles.

Ceilings are plastered with color, similar to the walls, or pasted with the same Wallpaper.

Flooring is the flooring, painted Board, ceramic tile. Additionally, on the floor you can lay carpet in a white-blue stripes.

Furniture it is recommended to use wooden, and artificially aged.

Accessories marine interior style may be parts of the ship (the wheel, anchor, string), figurines of marine life (fish, starfish, shell), the paintings on the marine theme. Well fit into the interior of a real aquarium.

Pictures of marine style in the interior:

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