First impression about the man folded in his clothes. In the case of suburban areas, the opinion of his hosts begins to take shape first the grooming and fencing. Next you will see the most unusual photos of decorative railings and fences to give, and now let's talk a little about that, how to choose the right fence design.

First, need to decide on the, will you do to make the fence, either acquire a ready-made design idea. Today, there are many options for creative fences: mirror, wicker, in the form of tapestries, etc.

Second, the design of the fence should be selected in accordance with outdoor style. For example, wicker fence-style country not fit into the design of the suburban area in style hi-tech. In this case you can also contact to the finished designs.

Third, it is desirable that the fence was not the highlight of the garden, because in addition to fencing in the garden can be placed and various sculptures, ponds, recreation areas, which can be inconspicuous in a bright fence.

Well, the last, what I wanted to say: making a fence with their hands, feel free to realize all your fantasies. In the gallery you will see, how looks original fence from old ski, nesting boxes and even glass bottles!

To your attention photo of decorative garden fencing:

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