The original idea: wooden pool at their summer cottage

Increasingly, designers are faced with unusual construction, creative pools. This allows you to make a suburban area unique, and also allows most harmoniously reunite capital pool communal landscaped. The unusual construction of the pool must provide not only attractive look to the buildings, but also the low material costs. We provide simple and cheap, but at the same time creative idea of creating a wooden pool for villas with their hands.

The essence of the new pool

Фото пример деревянного бассейна

Photo is an example of wooden pool

Capital concrete pool create a traditional suburban areas, where a particular garden style is not too strongly expressed. But if you have village or landscape garden style, the presence of a concrete pool, the more, if it occupies a large area, hardly will be combined with the rest of the elements of landscape design. In this situation there are two solutions to the problem:

  • To prepare a place and buy a frame or inflatable pool, which is easily mounted on a trailer and will decorate the site only during the bathing season.
  • To create an unusual pool, finished material, suitable for a specific garden style (if rustic style – wood, the landscape is decorated with paintings and greenery, etc.).

As the first, and the second option is very reasonable, but we're still inclined, what would country the site was permanent landscaping and all the buildings are decorated with a single garden style. That is why today we will tell, how to build a wooden pool with their hands, with a country garden or simply make a suburban area unique.

Construction technology of wooden pool with their hands

To build a wooden pool to give you hold the minimum of skills to work on wood, and as to have in its Arsenal the most important tool: hacksaw, hammer, roulette, building level, bayonet shovel etc.

So, for ease of perception of the user, divide all the technology of construction a wooden basin into several stages:

Stage 1 – Preparation of materials

Wooden pool are we going to do in the shape of an octagon, using wood panels from boards planed. Accordingly, shields we will need 8 pieces. The more you want to make the diameter of the pool, the longer the boards you want to put together. For making boards select boards (thickness not less than 30 mm) and bars (50*50 mm or 60*60 mm). With the bars to create the frame, that is sheathed with boards. Please note that, the boards should be nailed close to each other (junction junction), to provide reliable waterproofing of the walls of the pool.

Деревянные щиты для бассейна

Wooden shields for a pool

Вид восьмиугольного бассейна

View of the octagonal pool

Stage 2 – Preparing the soil

After, as all 8 wooden boards will be made, begin preparing the soil. First determined by placement of the pool. On the selected location, remove all the bushes, garden garbage and other items, preventing the construction of the pool. Once the soil is prepared, put her shields in the shape of an octagon, that would have formed the exact shape of the future wooden pool. The contours of the pool must accertati on the basis of, for further excavation. For markup you can use sand or pegs with rope. Please note that, the contour of the pit should 10-15 cm to be more, than the contours of the pool (for convenience of installation works).

Wooden pool will be polukopchenye, therefore, the depth of the pit should be about 2/3 the height of a wooden shield. Bayonet shovel remove the necessary layer of soil, then immediately proceed to the next step – waterproofing of the walls.

Stage 3 – Waterproofing of swimming pool and erection of walls

For waterproofing of the pit pool you can use multiple materials, different according to the complexity of styling, the effectiveness of the waterproofing and cost.

The easiest is to wrap the pit film. More time-consuming and costly – to build the formwork and pour the concrete walls and the bottom. It is most efficient to carry out waterproofing of the pool by stacking liquid rubber. In the latter case requires the work of specialists and the highest material costs, but at the same time liquid rubber will create the most qualitative waterproofing of the pool, because. joints do not form.

Pay attention to the fact, when a waterproofing course, you need to leave 3 technological holes: under the sink water from the pool (below), under the sink water crowded pool(30 cm from the top) and under pouring of water in the bowl (mid-depth bowl, on the opposite wall from the sink).

Selecting waterproofing and by this event it is necessary to proceed to installation of pool walls. For this, we again collected all the wooden shields in the octagon (only this time, the installation is carried out in the pit) and fastening them together. To strengthen wooden shields recommended the same timber, which was used to create the frame boards. Mounting should be tight with nails, you need to score the outside of the bowl, follow the, whatever they came out of the Board (otherwise you can get hurt).

It should also be noted: despite the fact, that waterproofing of the pool was carried out, the final waterproofing of the bottom of the pool will in the end work, when will all communications.

Stage 4 – Input communications to the pool

Отверстия под коммуникации в чаше бассейна

The holes for communication in the pool

So, during waterproofing of the pool we left three holes, now they need to bring the appropriate communication.

First, hold the pipe for water drainage. For this purpose, the bottom of the pool, slept a 15-centimeter layer of gravel and crushed stone. In this layer of laid pipe, the second end of which is connected to the main or private sewer. Please note that, that the tube in the Cup should go to 10-12 cm of gravel, because. in the future, the bottom will be further poured concrete screed. Also important is the slope of the pipe, it needs to be at least 2-3on to the sewer, to ensure gravity flow of water.

Then proceed to create a protective drain (30 cm from the top of the bowl). From it it is necessary to lay another drain pipe, which will be connected to the common drain.

Well, in the end, the input of the water supply pipe. Here problems should not arise, just extend the line from the water source to the hole.

Stage 5 – Fixing wooden boards

After, as communications will be announced, start fastening the bowl. The space between the walls of the pit and the outer contours of the bowl should be covered with gravel and thoroughly compacted, in advance of installing wood spacers between the Cup and the walls of the pit (they will prevent distortion of the corners of the pool). On top of the drainage layer is recommended to pour a concrete solution, which will strengthen wooden shields.

Stage 6 – Completion of construction works

At this stage you need to fill the bottom of the pool and lining it. For this we use the cement of mark M500, which pour a layer of about 10 cm, additionally, by reinforcing the bottom.

The bottom must be filled at a slight incline (to 6on) to a drain pipe, to ensure proper water drainage. If need be, after solidification of the bottom, apply another thin layer of cement mortar, which line errors.

After that it is recommended to carry out final waterproofing of the pool with PVC film, which is not only a good protection, but give the bowl a decorative bluish tint.

Stage 7 – Decoration of the pool

The wooden pool is built. Now you need to Refine it some details. Board outside the protected antiseptic and covered by dark brown paint. In the pool set the ladder and cleaning system (skimmer will be enough).

Near the wooden pool can be set vases with flowers either garden figures, that will create absolute harmony of landscape design!

Готовый деревянный бассейн для дачи

Wooden pool ready for summer

The technology of construction of concrete pools for villas with their hands is over! As you can see, the process is labor intensive, but not particularly complex, so all you can do yourself. The main thing that should be noted, this is, that the construction of the extraordinary pool of wooden boards need not too much money!

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