Lighting of the facades of private houses as a technique of design landscape lighting

Recently gaining popularity this kind of reception design landscape lighting, as the illumination of facades of buildings. This practice began to apply the owners of elite buildings, that would give your home individuality, compared to other, no different from other buildings. Consider the types and features of various architectural lighting of facades.
Освещение фасада

Facade lighting

Types of architectural lighting of facades

Architectural lighting of facades designers pay not a small amount of time, because. properly designed lighting can highlight all the attractions of the house and to remove the slightest mistakes.

Flood lighting

Заливающее освещение

Flood lighting

When the building is lit from the ground to the roof is flood lighting. This lighting is typically used to underscore the historical past or a particular style of buildings, using spotlights of different power.

With the help of instruments, which give directional light, highlight all the "highlights" of the building.

To illuminate the balconies and cornices used fluorescent lamps, which do not flicker and instantly light up when turned on.

It should be noted, that flood lighting is not suitable for all types of buildings. This type of lighting can belong to large-scale buildings, which are not used in the night time (museums, cathedrals, historical monuments). Torque is the important material, of which the facade, an ideal variant – a concrete wall, which has the clearest reflection. If the facade of the building has many glass inserts, about flood lighting can not think, because. the glass will absorb much of the emitted light. So do not forget about the fact, that the Executive body flood lighting floodlights are, which will require not so little. This, that would not spoil the view around the building, in any case, the area near this building does not have to be naked, because. all lights can usually hide behind decorative trees, shrubs and architectural objects.

Local illumination

Local illumination is used to illuminate a limited part of the structure, so they allocate only the most important and interesting architectural details of the building (columns, heraldic symbols, signs). Do not abuse local illumination, because. it is with the lights, which are placed on the facade, and their excessive amount of spoil the overall look of the building.

Concealed lighting

Скрытая подсветка

Concealed lighting

This type of lighting gives the building a unique and demonstrates the beauty of certain architectural lines and geometry of the building.

Local and hidden lighting of the building

Only there are three main types of backlighting is a silhouette, contour lighting and tsvetodinamika. Consider the features of each type.

Silhouette lighting. Using this method, designers achieve expression of the geometry of the house, who is in the dark, due to the fact that the background is the lighting. The detailing of the building is not provided, but the General view looks very attractive.

Contour lighting. With neon and led strips stands out the outline of the facade of the building. This light gives the building a soft glow and a good demonstration of the friezes.

Tsvetodinamika. All three types of lighting, tsvetodinamika is the most complex and requires the intervention of specialists. This kind of illumination is a change in the brightness of the light, shade palette, as well as the effect of light spots and shadows with headlights, lamps and led strips. All of these controls are specifically configured the program with a certain number of modes.

Features lighting of the facade

Освещенный фасад здания

Illuminated facade of the building

You have to understand, what is the main advantage of the lighting of facades is not the beauty and uniqueness of the building, and the conditions for safe movement on the yard around this building. It should also be note, all lighting should be interrelated and in harmony with each other, otherwise, the facade of the building, as the landscape, around him, will look ridiculous.

The important point is the fact, that flood lighting is not suitable for single private home, because. powerful spotlights, designed for a considerable height of the building, would Shine in the window and the owners are unlikely to enjoy it, that their private life can be watched from the street.

With other types of lighting in a private home you can experiment. The led backlighting looks good with neon lights and gates, so your imagination can make the illumination of the house is unique and unrepeatable.

You can also install lights with motion sensors, but to install them on the facade, what would the rays of light fell on the yard. Often the owners of the houses direct the light so, what would their light fell on the gate, when this lamp is lit when prothuses by car or running down the street the dog and the lamp works more often, what should, it's pointless and reduces its lifespan and increases the cost of electricity.

And most importantly, remember, the lighting of building facades, there is a rule – "do not stick fold", otherwise, your beautiful home will look as ridiculous dressed tree will lose all its architectural features.

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