Finish with your own hands with the help of mosaic, tiles and PVC film

So, concrete pool we built, the bowl filled and ready for final finishing. Now we need to decide, what material will act as a finishing bowl concrete pool. It is necessary not only decorative to decorate the bowl, but give it maximum tightness, therefore, the choice of the finishing material should be treated seriously. Now we consider the main work on the final finish of the pool, and popular materials for finishing of the pool with their hands
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Major work on the decoration of the pool with their hands

Из чего состоит отделанная чаша бассейна

What is trimmed bowl basin

After construction concrete pool their hands we have a concrete bowl with uneven and rough surface. Of course, in this state the pool cannot be exploited not only for aesthetic appearance, but due to the fact, there is virtually no tightness. Based on this, before us is the following, completion:

  • Plastering of the pool
  • Additional waterproofing
  • Finish decorative material

We will now examine each of the items.

Plastering of the pool

Идеально оштукатуренный бассейн

Perfectly plastered pool

That would give the pool a smooth flat wall and the bottom, and also to provide additional tightness of the bowl, thoroughly plaster the entire pool waterproof plaster mixture. There are two ways to plaster: drawing on specially assigned to the mesh and adhesive plaster.

Please note that, that the plastering of the walls must be approached very seriously, because. this work has the following features:

  • The plastered surface shall be free of defects. In extreme cases allowed 1-2 bumps on 4 m2, the size of the roughness should not exceed 1 mm2.
  • On the plaster of the bowl should not be cracked, because. they will continue to present a weak spot in the integrity of the bowl.
  • Deviation in flatness of the bottom and walls shall not exceed 1mm in 1 meter.

As you can see, requirements, which be offered for plaster, pretty serious, so if you do not have sufficient skills in plastering walls, better to practice before doing this on a garden building (for example, plaster the walls in summer kitchen) or hire a specialist, who will do everything quickly and efficiently.

So, consider the two most popular methods plaster of the pool.

Applying stucco to the mesh

This method is often used for decorating walls tile. To the surface of the bowl is attached with dowels mesh, which will provide reliable adhesion between the plaster and pool.

Just draw your attention to the fact, that mesh needs to be treated with special anti-corrosion agents, otherwise, water can penetrate under the layer of plaster and mesh will start to rust, then the plaster will crumble and will have to repair (and this is a significant material costs). Whatever the problem, you must use the following guidelines:

  • Work with building materials of good quality
  • Instead of a metal mesh to use a special glass or a synthetic mesh (just say, that they will have a higher price)
  • That would increase the adhesion between the concrete bowl and plaster, manually make the surface of the bowl is more rough
  • As mentioned earlier, for plastering use a water resistant mix, which will not only increase the integrity of the bowl, but also provide more high adhesion materials

Using these tips, apply the plaster on the net, the maximum level the surface of the bowl and leave it, while the material is fully cured.

Adhesive plaster

In contrast, the grid, which is used in the above method, to improve the adhesion, adhesive plaster involves coating the surface of the bowl special impregnation, which improve the adhesion.

Before, how to proceed with the plastering of the pool, the surface is carefully cleaned from dust and dirt and is impregnated by means of deep penetration (special impregnation).

The data consist of impregnation of acrylic resins, urethane and other polymers, that create high-quality adhesion layer.

On the soaked surface of the bowl must apply a layer of the plaster, which is composed of a special adhesive polymer. This creates good adhesion of materials, what we need.

Pool waterproofing

Гидризоляция бассейна

Gidroizolyaciya pool

In addition to external waterproofing course concrete pool (roofing material), you need to realize also internal waterproofing. It is recommended to use the following tips:

  • To create the bowl concrete pool use cement, designed for the construction of hydraulic structures (mark NTS or HYDRO-S).
  • Since we are dealing with a finished bowl, it is possible to improve the waterproofing of the pool is not only water-repellent plaster, but a special waterproofing substances, are applied to the surface of the bowl: Kalmatron, Penetrat, Hydrotex, Stromiks etc.

Decorative pool

The final stage in the finishing of the pool is a decorative ornament various materials. Today, the bowl of the pool is commonly finished with decorative materials, which not only beautify the view of the pool, but further creates a sealed layer of the bowl, so, and increase the maintenance-free period of operation of the pool.

Among the same materials by PVC film, glass tile and mosaic. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

Finish with PVC film

Отделка бассейна пленкой ПВХ

Finish with PVC film

Finish PVC film is the most simple and economical way to decorate the pool, which effectively enhances the sealing cups. PVC film, unlike laying tile and glass tiles, you can pull with your hands. All that is required is a special welding machine for soldering the seams of the film and quite a bit of time. After, the film will be decomposed on the bottom and the side of the Cup, it is necessary to consolidate and solder, and the seams are further treated with sealant.

Finish with PVC film

So, to summarize finishes pool PVC film:

  • Dignity: the simplicity of the method, don't need the help of experts, good sealing of the Cup, attractive appearance of the pool, sufficiently long lifetime of the film and the cheapness of the material.
  • Disadvantages: not so attractive appearance, than at the finish of the tiles.

As you can see, virtues far outweighed the disadvantages, so if the finish you have little money, buy PVC film and get to work!

Some belong to the decoration of the swimming pool PVC film another drawback: steps, covered film very slippery, that is unsafe and leads to serious injuries. This deficiency we recommend that you extract in the following way: when choosing a film, small piece (which is enough for tight stairs) choose from a special ribbed surface, which is suitable for stairs.

Trim swimming pool tiles

Отделка бассейна плиткой

Trim swimming pool tiles

Pool, decorated with colored tiles, is a very good addition to the landscape design site. All you need, to stick the tiles to plastered surfaces and paint over the seams with a waterproof grout.

The disadvantage this method is, what qualitatively to lay the tile may not every., so you will need to hire professionals, because. if you put the wrong tile, it fall off in the first season, and will entail additional repair costs.

Advantage tile is an attractive appearance of the pool and a good sealing of the Cup.

For laying of tiles with their hands, it is recommended to use the following tips:

  • Buy tile, which has a higher water repellency (for example, imported tiles has a coefficient of water absorption of about 0,14%, and domestic 1%)
  • When you buy tiles, pay attention to the back of it. If the back has anti-slip elements and the groove – tile has a higher adhesive properties
  • When laying tiles with their hands use a more expensive, but effective waterproof glue
  • Choosing the grout, give preference to titanium grout, because. it has a high resistance to fungal diseases and mold
  • The quality of tiles depends on the durability of pool finishing, so give preference to higher quality tile from Italy, Portugal and Germany. If you have a small quantity of materials, it is also a nice choice and domestic tiles.

Finishing pool mosaics

Отделка бассейна мозаикой

Finishing pool mosaics

We often see on the territory of recreation pools, mosaic, and immediately there is a desire to decorate this technology and your pool.

Finishing pool mosaics

Immediately draw your attention to the fact, what finish mosaic is very time-consuming process, which requires special skills in laying tiles and create a mosaic, so with their hands to decorate the swimming pool mosaics you may or may not work.

Because of this, most truckers do not use mosaic as a decorative finish basin.

As for advantages finishing pool mosaics, these include:

  • The most attractive appearance
  • High strength material
  • Water absorption of glass tiles is missing (the coefficient of water absorption is practically zero)
  • The possibility of creating a panel, patterns and other decorative elements in the pool

The disadvantage finishing pool mosaics are the most high material costs, which apply not only to the purchase of material, but the hiring of a specialist.

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Finish with PVC film
Finishing pool mosaics
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