The green roof: the essence, advantages, the deficiencies and the necessary materials to create

Today, monolithic concrete structures, filling all space in Metropolitan areas and big cities, doing daily walks drab and boring. That would at least like to make the bright colors not only in city building, but plots, designers started to apply long-used in Europe – green roof. About, what is this idea, we will now describe more!
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The green roof: history and nature

The green roof is actively used since ancient times in Norway, where this idea takes its roots.

Озеленение кровли постройки

The green roof construction

The descendants of the Vikings used for landscaping roofs of housing birch bark, the turf, peat and many others, eco-friendly natural materials.

Despite the fact, with the development of the construction business began to apply a more functional material like slate, tiles, Ondulin and corrugated sheet , the Norwegians were able to maintain their traditions to our time, so you can see the decorative grassy roof and in our region.

In landscape design the green roof is very useful and effective idea, because. it is possible to equip not only the city's buildings, but country houses, such as a house, coop, hozblok, summer kitchen etc.

In addition, the soil, located on the roof of the building will absorb moisture, thanks to running the original function of the roof, green roof is a unique and impressive elements of decoration of the suburban area!

It should be noted, what to create a green roof will not be so easy, because. this process involves the following important components:

  • Roof flashing
  • Insulation
  • Drainage system
  • Filtration system
  • Automatic watering

In addition, it is necessary to correctly implement these components, should also create a strong support structure, to be able to withstand not only the weight of the soil with plants, but the weight of the person, who will handle the design.

It should also be noted, that independent creation of a green roof can lead to, that after some time you will have to repair it (because the slightest error in creating thermal insulation, waterproofing, etc.), but this process is not only time consuming, but very expensive, and we remember the famous saying "Miser pays twice".

Despite the complexity of creating green roofs, it has the following advantages, which will interest you:

  • If the roof to be flat, it will serve as an extraordinary recreation area ( in Europe green roofs are used as Golf courses, places of recreation for workers, areas for sunbathing, etc.)
  • The powerful layer of the green roof contributes to powerful sound-proofing
  • Because of the same powerful layer decreases heat loss-built
  • Plants are green roofs good clean piles of snow and moisture
  • With proper construction of the roof is its durability has a high mark
  • A decorative green roof is the most attractive relative to other roofing materials

The disadvantages of green roofs include:

  • The complexity of the work
  • Significant material costs for construction design and purchase of elements of the "green pie"
  • Special care is required for plants
  • Green roofing can come not every garden style

As we can see, the benefits of green roofs greatly outweigh the disadvantages, therefore, the greening of a roof with your hands is a very rational process!

Types of green coatings

Coverage for greening roofs can be either intensive, and extensive.

Intense coverage designed for the active use of the landscape garden design: on the roof sit ornamental shrubs, dwarf trees, settling small area etc. Creating this type of roof is more costly and time consuming process, as it involves the construction of a strong metal supporting structure, which must withstand the total weight of the roof.

Пример интенсивного покрытия

An example of the intense coverage

In addition to the cost of creating a design for an intense coverage, you must still include the cost of creating automatic irrigation, because. to manually irrigate the green roof is not convenient.

Using this kind of coverage in the following buildings:

  • Garage, attached to a house
  • Multi-storey city buildings
  • Office centers

In contrast to the intense coverage, his "colleague" – extensive coverage serves only as an element of decor, which is not the functional part. Intense coverage consists only of green roofs and has no space for recreation or other infrastructure, so the carrier design, you can do much weaker, and therefore will require less cash outlay and time.

Пример экстенсивного покрытия

An example of extensive coverage

What plants should I choose for creating green roofs?

Choosing plants for landscaping roofing, must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Plants have to be picky to care
  • The plants should be drought-resistant
  • For extensive coverage it is better to choose low-growing plants
  • For intensive coverage, it is recommended to choose dwarf conifers
Растения для зеленой кровли

Plants for green roofs

The most suitable plants are bulbous plants, lawns, saxifrage, pine needles and wild plants.

Materials to build green roofs

It is worth noting, that the bottom layer of the future green roof is the frame of the supporting structure, sewn boards and not having the various cracks and gaps (it is best to use edged boards, laid joint to joint).

Схема укладки материалов зеленой кровли

The scheme of packing materials green roofs

Green roof in the mine is the pie, the layers which are necessary for us content. List the components of the "green pie" from the bottom to the top (from the supporting structure to the plant):

  1. The waterproofing layer. This element is an integral and one of the most important components, because. designed to prevent leakage of the roof. For waterproofing of the roof is recommended to use a polymer membrane, liquid rubber or plastic film (enumeration was carried out from best to worst).
  2. Barrier to roots. Material for protection from the germination of the plant root system will serve as a plastic film or regular foil. Barrier for roots placed directly on the waterproofing layer and protects it from piercing roots. When using lawn grass barrier for the roots can be.
  3. Insulating layer
  4. Drainage system. As well as waterproofing layer, the drainage system is an indispensable element of the roof. Drainage needs to perform two main functions: saturate plants with water and to provide water runoff from the roof. If the roof has a slight slope, about the drainage system can not worry, because. water flow will be spontaneous. If the roof will have a slope (horizontal), the insulating layer should be either expanded clay, or are monofilament (mesh like sponge, which has good drainage properties).
  5. The filtration layer. The purpose of the filter – to protect the drainage layer from clogging with dirt debris, which will break down during irrigation or rain. As a filtration layer for green roof use geotextile.
  6. The ground. For each type of plants the thickness of the soil and its composition varies. For example, for the lawn is enough to cover the layer of soil in 10 cm, but for ornamental trees and shrubs, this level may exceed 1 meter. With regard to the composition of the soil, the main requirement is the weight. That would at least like to lighten the weight of the "green pie", it is necessary to use a mixture of peat with fertilizer and expanded clay. If the soil is not that great, allowed to use a mix of ground with expanded clay (the ratio 4:1). There are also several requirements, applicable to the ground: it needs to be porous, water-holding capacity and heat capacity.
  7. Herbaceous cover. There is nothing to add, plants to create green roofs we have listed a little higher in the corresponding subtitle.

Video tutorial landscaping roofing

As we said earlier, the green roof with your hands is not a sustainable solution, because. this process requires certain skills and specialist work.

What would you saw, how to create a green roof, will give you this video:

Work of experts on gardening of roof

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