Luxury country house in Israel

The interior and landscape design of this country house in Israel, presented in high –tech style hi-tech.

It is impossible to imagine how costly a design project and the construction of this country house, after all, here we can see:

  • The vast territory of the estate and premises.
  • A few terraces with modern furniture.
  • Luxury outdoor pool almost the entire plot.
  • Recreation area as an island in the center of the pool.
  • Palm trees and grass parterre.
  • Large combined living with your personal account.
  • Kitchen in the style of hi-tech.
  • Luxurious dining room with furniture from valuable breeds of a tree.
  • Bedroom with creative high-tech ceiling.
  • A large bathroom with a shower and the bathroom itself.
  • Stylish entrance hall with colorful couch and dark walls.

In fact, it is impossible to completely list all the advantages of this object, therefore it is better to provide a photo gallery of the interior of this country house:

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