Russian style

Russian traditional interior style is impossible to confuse with any other. We have already considered the style Provence, Scandinavian and country style, reflecting the centuries-old traditions of European countries. Now consider the main features of the Russian style in the interior.

First, that should be noted – Russian style excludes artificial materials finish. The most commonly used wood (frame and Board), can also be used to whitewash the walls and ceiling.

As for furniture, it should be wooden (painted or varnished). Welcome carved wood and upholstered armchairs, sofas

An essential accessory in the interior of the Russian style is a wood-burning stove and the samovar. In addition, it is recommended to decorate the room with dolls, various pictures and icons.

Welcome the interior carpets, animal skins and neat curtains in the Windows.

That's what should not be in the interior of the Russian style, so it's bright accessories, state of the art furniture and decorative excessive load.

To your attention photo of the interior of the house in the Russian style:

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