Garden paths. Photo collection ideas garden paths tiles, stone and wood

Garden paths are some of the most important components of the landscape design of any suburban area.

That would make an original garden path with his hands, must have creative thinking and imagination.

Most often garden paths create a natural stone, because. it has high durability and attractive appearance.

Alternative to natural stone can be a tree: profiled timber, Board and drunk. The lack of wood in fast decay, but if its pre-processing antiseptic, the durability of wooden garden paths can be increased.

There are also budget options for garden paths: of glass bottles, pallets, backfilled with gravel and decorative gravel. Despite the fact, what materials are not particularly attractive, with the right design garden path can be quite creative idea for a garden.

Important in the design of garden paths to create a harmonious composition with lawn, small architectural forms and flower beds.

We offer to your attention the photo collection of ideas garden paths made of different materials: tile, stone, mosaic and wood:

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