Garden swing

Garden swing allows you to relax and unwind after a hard day. Today, there are a lot of ideas for creating a garden swing with their hands. As well there are ready-made garden swing with canopy, which have low cost and nice design.

If you wish to install the swing at his dacha, we recommend you to purchase ready-made items. Their only drawback in simple design, although there are massive carved swing, drawback is too high a cost.

When you create a swing with your hands, you must have enough skills in working with wood or metal (depends on what kind of swing), and know, how to execute this type of garden furniture.

We recommend you to use the following ideas when creating the swing with their hands:

  • Protect swing canopy. The most original variant – set arch either pergola on a swing.
  • To create a swing use wood. It's easier to handle and wooden structures more attractive appearance.
  • What would the swing was original, complete their "highlights". For example, bright cushions or beautiful night lighting.

To your attention photo of garden swing from a tree, metal and scrap vehicles:

We also recommend you to see photo design garden benches!

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