Garden sculptures

If you decide to decorate your garden small garden figurines, you might be interested in pictures of the garden sculptures and small architectural forms, that was posted in the photo gallery. To create them you will need quite a bit of time, the main challenge is how, that would include all their imagination and creativity.
Often the garden sculptures created from scrap vehicles, namely:
  • Old tires
  • Unnecessary parts and garden tool (for example, the frame of the bike, the tip of the shovel, the old hose, etc.)
  • Wood (the course is anything: logs, driftwood, hemp)
  • Barrels. Very creative idea for a decorative painting of large metal barrels

There are also ready-made products, which have an interesting design and at the same time low cost. This option is suitable for those cottages, decorated in one particular style (country, hi-tech either Chinese), when you need to pick up the sculpture, which will be perfect for the style of the garden.

Photos of garden sculpture and small architectural forms:

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