The barn

Hozblok, in other words the barn is required to store the garden tools and harvested firewood at their summer cottage. Depending on, what garden style you chose, you need to decide on design and amenities.

Most often, the garden is decorated in such styles, as country, hi-tech, Chinese and minimalist. As you can see, styles not much, therefore, the sheds are either modern buildings of unusual shape, either traditional wooden gasblockade.

As for the scale of amenities, then you need to decide, what it could be. If maintenance was required only for storing garden tools, it will be enough to make a building with dimensions 2*2 meter. In that case, if the shed is to be advanced, and a place to store firewood and various feed (cattle), care should be taken to create a more spacious room.

Offer to your attention photo design sheds green (sheds) in the country, hand made:

As you can see, design sheds green can be quite diverse. We recommend you to browse photos of design of wooden gazebos in the country!

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