Combined living

Living room can be separate, and combined. The first option is used, if the living space is large enough and has the ability to make living room spacious.Option combined living and are very common, especially in the apartments.

Usually the living room combine with kitchen, dining room, bedroom, the nursery and hallway.

For that would visually divide a large room into zones, it is recommended to use a large sofa, turned back from the living room, for example, to the kitchen or the hallway. Instead of a sofa you can use it as kitchen island, the bar, screen or wide Cabinet.

Another option for zoning a combined living room is the use of different material for flooring. For example, parquet fades into ceramic tile. In addition, you can build floors at different heights (drop in 10-15 cm).

If the interior of the apartment has a creative design, it is recommended to visually separate the living room from another room with different walls. For example, 2 the walls of children pokleit Wallpaper, and the walls living room plaster in a lighter or darker tone.

Living room photos, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and corridor, you can see in this photo gallery:

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