Bedrooms in dark colors

All the usual bedroom interior in light, pastel shade. In this bedroom is very comfortable to be, because. decorative excessive load is absent. But sometimes there is a desire to make the bedroom beautiful and unusual. In this we are helped by various design solutions, one of which is the design of the bedroom in a dark tone.

The bedroom in a dark color is easy to do: for example, to plaster all walls and ceiling in the dark Wallpaper, and on the floor lay parquet, dark wood. In addition, you can use dark furniture and even curtains on the Windows (what would prevent the sunlight).

Do not have the entire bedroom to do black, it will look ridiculous and will not create the beauty, which would you like to see.

Most of the bedrooms in dark colors include the combination of black with white, red and grey. It should be noted, bedroom dark color can be also available in dark brown, dark grey and dark blue colours, which emphasize the interior is not worse, than black.

Immediately recommend you to browse photos of bathroom design in a dark color.

Pictures of dark bedrooms:

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