Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style interior is the old model and the new. An old Mediterranean style room is suitable for small area, here's a more modern version of the style used for the design of luxurious cottages.

Despite the fact, what elements of decor in the new and old Mediterranean-style a little different (in the first place because of its values), the similarities are still present.

The main features of the Mediterranean style are:

  • Color palette. Housing, outside, and the inside is painted in white color. Additionally, the interior can embellish contrasting colors: blue, turquoise, sand, olive, light brown, coral, dark brown etc.
  • Materials for the interior can be wood, forged metal, ceramics.
  • Wall painted it white, additionally, you can decorate the walls with ceramic tiles.
  • The ceiling it is recommended to paint to match the walls. Not rarely as the ceiling acts as a beam ceiling.
  • Floor fit tiles and natural stone, occasionally flooring.
  • Furniture Mediterranean style wooden, although modern interior can decorate plastic chairs and sofas leatherette.
  • In the old Mediterranean interior Windows are created little, but in the new design the more Windows, the better (more natural lighting in the rooms). Doorways created in the form of arches.
  • Accessories there may be trinkets on the marine theme, decorative elements of wrought iron, light curtains on the Windows, mosaic and carpet.

Photo Mediterranean style interior shown in this photo gallery:

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