Loft style in the interior apartments and houses

Architectural loft style is a relatively young style of interior design. The main features of loft style in the interior apartments and houses, are the spaciousness in the rooms, and the combination of modern furniture with brick or stucco walls.

Most often the interior design of rooms loft-style use of a creative personality.

Main features and characteristics of the loft style are:

  • The functionality of the room. The furniture should be practical, without unnecessary decorative load.
  • As the walls must be used in brickwork and plaster. If for any reason you cannot apply these materials, it is recommended to use a simulated brick using the appropriate Wallpaper picture.
  • The rooms should be the maximum natural light. For this window are set large, without blinds and curtains.
  • For zoning used furniture. For example, the back of the sofa visually separates the kitchen from the living room into a combined room.
  • The interior of the rooms loft style ceilings should be white with beams.
  • As accessories decorating loft style, used road signs, bright paintings and various statues

To your attention a bright 52 photos of loft style in the interior apartments and houses:

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