The pop art style

Another contemporary style in the interior is pop-art. Creative design of the apartment-style pop art defies all existing styles of interior. The hallmark of the pop art style are the walls, decorated with bright prints, clippings from the comics, portraits of stars and even posters.

For the interior design of pop art it is desirable to have a spacious apartment or house, but if this is not possible, and in the small square room it is possible to display some elements of pop art, which will enhance all creativity style.

The main features of pop art style in the interior are:

  • Color palette. Best proved bright colors: red, pink, green, yellow, blue. Despite this, you can use white in combination with black.
  • Walls is decorative plaster, Wallpaper and prints on the wall. No pictures from the wrought-iron frame must not be.
  • On floor laid parquet or ceramic tiles. You can also cover the floor with carpet.
  • The ceiling oshtukaturivanija in tone with the walls, or a little darker.
  • Furniture used freestanding, modern design, bright colors. Most often it is the puffs, wide sofas, wardrobes, squat tables.
  • Accessories for the style of pop art can be prints, posters, portraits. In addition, the decor of the room is underlined with rhinestones, original chandeliers, lamps, figurines.
  • Lighting rooms are presented in the form of led backlighting, and neon lights.

Photo of pop art style in interior:

Be sure to view the photo with bright design rooms style kitsch and country.

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