Safari style

Safari style in the interior is one of the most complicated and exclusive. As you know, before Safari was represented a hunting trip to the African lands. Today, "Safari" represents the same trip, but the animals don't kill, and just take pictures for memory. The interior style of Safari is very costly for the owners, because. accessories and materials to create this style should be natural, and most importantly, to accurately highlight features of the interior.

The main features of Safari in the interior are:

  • Color palette. The Safari-style displays of nature in East Africa, and, therefore, many meets African style in the interior, which is represented only in natural colors (land, trees, plants). Based on this, the walls are painted in these colors, as brown, sand, terracotta, beige and green (in various shades). In addition, the Safari does not prohibit bright colors in small quantity: blue, red, yellow etc.
  • Materials in the interior of Safari just natural: wood and stone. You can also use metal.
  • For the walls it is recommended to use decorative plaster, ideally, white ("under plaster", which it is customary to decorate African room). A good option for the modern home is the Wallpaper in the style of Safari.
  • The ceiling it is recommended to plaster the color of the walls.
  • As flooring use solid wood or natural stone.
  • Furniture Safari-style should be natural and easy. Often use wicker furniture, as well as chairs and sofas made of leather. It should be noted, the amount of furniture should be kept to a minimum, that would not divert attention from the main accents of the Safari style.
  • Accessories are the hallmark of the style Safari. Because rooms that are hunting housing, mandatory accessories must be the trophies of the hunter: the skins and stuffed animal heads, original photographs of nature and animals, hunting weapons, clothing etc. In addition to hunting accessories you can use traditional African: pottery, plants in pots (fern, palm trees), ritual masks etc.

Photos of the Safari style in the interior:

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