Bright bedroom

If the interior of the houses or apartments have bright décor and (kitsch, pop art, fusion), bedroom should look bright. There has to be stupid to use the design of the bedroom in warm either dark colours, you need to apply a combination of such color shades, like pink, green, blue, blue, red, yellow etc.

Walls it is better to carry bright decorative plaster.

The ceiling it is recommended to plaster. Nicer would be to plaster ceiling in white color (create contrast).

As flooring for the bedroom in bright colours, you can use parquet and carpet color, the latter option looks much better.

Special attention is given a bright bedroom pictures and pastel linen on the bed. To make a game of colors, it is recommended that the walls be painted a color, and the rest of the accessories in the room in a different color.

To lighting no special requirements, but that would be better in the room had more natural light, depending on the size of the Windows.

Photo of bright interior of bedroom:

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