American style

One of the most comfortable and functional styles in the interior is American style. There are no unnecessary decorative load and rich accessories.

The main features of the American style in the interior are:

  • The spaciousness in the rooms with open plan. Often the living room is combined with kitchen and hallway. With a combined living room photo you can see here.
  • Light colors in the rooms. Specific requirements for colors, it is recommended to combine several colors in one room.
  • Materials interior are wood and its various substitutes.
  • Furniture American style needs to be massive, neat and comfortable. Welcome large sofas in the living room, zoning combined room.
  • To lighting special requirements. It is desirable to exclude from the interior of the chandelier. To replace them it is recommended to use floor lamps, sconces and table lamps with soft diffuse lighting.
  • Accessories American style can be various photos and posters on the walls, beautiful statues and wood-burning fireplace.

To your attention photo of the interior American style:

Also recommend to view photos of the interior rooms in the style of Provence and country!

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