The architectural style of the Baroque is to the elite, luxury styles, the creation of which will require a lot of cash, the imagination and work of an experienced designer.

The basic requirements for the room when creating the Baroque style interior high ceilings, spacious rooms, well, of course, large Windows.

Let us consider in detail the main features of the Baroque style in the interior.

First, must respect the symmetry of the whole composition. Second, furniture and accessories should be gold or a beautiful fabric. Third, the color palette in the interior should be in such colors, as mother-of-pearl, gold, beige, white, pink, Burgundy and brown.

Wall needs to be finished mural, or upholstered in a rich fabric. Very clearly complement the interior design wall painting and stucco. Modern Baroque interiors feature wall, finished Venetian plaster.

As for ceiling, they should be painted on the theme of style (ideally, temple painting), and decorated with stucco on the contour.

To the floor the Baroque interior there are special requirements: it needs to look luxurious, because. is the hallmark of the style. That is why it is customary to decorate the expensive parquet floor, marble, tile or stone mosaics.

Furniture, as in antique style, needs to look luxurious and superficially resemble Antiques. That is why the creation of the Baroque style in the interior it is recommended to use wooden furniture with carving, with gold and inlays of ivory.

Well, the last, accessories. Basic accessories when creating the Baroque style are expensive curtains, fireplaces, large mirrors, sculpture and clock, made of bronze.

To your attention photo of the Baroque style in interior design:

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