Long hallways

Most of the apartments have a very awkward layout – the entrance hall is not only long, but narrow. Often such a plan is very difficult to create a harmonious interior in a certain style.

That would solve the design problem of a long narrow hallway-hallway, you have to apply some design decisions, namely:

1. The exception of dark shades. The room should be bright, ideally, white, that would visually increase the free space. The problem is that, they dirty quickly, especially the hallway.

2. Correct placement of wall lights and chandeliers. If the hallway is very long, you should carefully plan the installation location lighting fixtures, because, in the hallway there are no Windows (the apartment), and artificial lighting should cover the entire hallway.

3. Using the techniques visually enlarge the space. On the first we talked (bright colors). In addition, it is recommended to install mirrors on opposite walls in the hallway.

4. Furniture and accessories should be narrow and fitted along the wall. If you cannot install the Cabinet in the long hallway, to replace hangers and hooks.

5. Door from the hallway to the other rooms should open into, to save the free space of the hallway.

That's all, what you should know about interior design a long hallway.

To your attention photo of the long hallways in the apartment and a private house:

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