Care instructions for a pond in the garden with his own hands

If you have built on your summer cottage hydraulic structure, it does not matter, the pond is, the pool or fountain, you must take care of construction, otherwise, in a matter of weeks it will lose its attractive appearance and overgrown with algae. Next, we'll talk about that, how to take care of my pond in the garden with his own hands.
Уход за прудом в саду своими руками

Caring for the pond in the garden with his own hands

Caring for the pond in the garden is quite simple and not difficult. If you do not care for a garden pond, then after some time it will become overgrown with algae, the water will begin to "bloom" and all the fish (if any) die.

Caring for the pond in the garden includes several major activities:

  • Mechanical cleaning of the pond using the white-headed duck and the garden rake
  • Chemical cleaning of the pond
  • Enrichment of water with oxygen
  • Water filtration
  • Arrangement garden pond moistureloving plants
  • The population of pond snails
  • The creation of the backlight of the pond (for security purposes and as part of the decor)

We will now consider all the components of the care of the pond in the garden with his own hands, but rather the purpose and nature of the above activities.

Using mechanical cleaning pond reservoir removed dead leaves and overgrown plants need, which impairs the appearance of the garden pond.

Chemical cleaning the pond is the use of peat tablets, which slows down the growth of algae.

In order, what would to enrich the water with oxygen it is recommended to use special compressors. Oxygen-rich water improves the livelihoods of the inhabitants of the pond, if he fish.

The same must also to purify water by using filters. It is recommended to use a submersible pumps with filters, which automatic distilled water and clean it (this process usually takes no more than 4 hours). At the time of buying pump you should select the unit, which will have sufficient performance to work in the pond of a certain volume.

Definitely recommended planted in the pond itself and on its borders water-loving plants. They not only give the garden pond decorative appearance, but will establish the biological balance. To prevent the overgrowth of the pond algae is enough to plant several seedlings of plants (2-3 PCs) on square pond in 1 m2. It should also follow, what would the plants do not excessively spread across the pond, otherwise, the biological balance be broken. To control the growth of plants, it is recommended to place the seedlings in a special basket. Please note, on, that the bottom of a garden pond must consist of black soil, a mixture of loam and sand. The most suitable moisture-loving plants for the pond are agegraphic, cane and reeds lake.

The population of pond snails is one of the major activities on caring for a pond in the garden. These tiny inhabitants of the pond will provide hour cleaning the pond of algae.

As for illumination of the reservoir, this event is not particularly important, but still it is recommended to apply, in order, to illuminate the pond at night. This will give the landscape design site a more luxurious look and provides secure rest at night. As a highlight of the pond, it is recommended to use the solar-powered lights, they are not only easily assembled/dismantled, but also greatly save power consumption. Lamps it is recommended to install the contour of the reservoir and garden paths, leading to it. You can also use lamps with led and halogen lamps, which are more durable and more efficient coverage of the area.

That's the whole technology of care of the pond in the garden. Of course, caring for a pond is different from care for the pool and is more simple, but still with some elements of care will need to intercede


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