The use of outdoor candles and decorative lanterns in the garden

Outdoor candles

Outdoor candles are extra-thick wick, which does not go out when small gusts of wind. The advantage of street candles over electric lights is, the fire gives the garden a romantic atmosphere and make landscape design more natural. Most often, outdoor candles set in decorative candle holders, to protect the light source from adverse weather conditions.

Outdoor candles in the garden (day)

Outdoor candles in the garden (day)

Outdoor candles in the night garden

Outdoor candles in the night garden

Outdoor candles in jars to illuminate the area of the garden and give it a festive look not only in the evening, but during the day (if the candlesticks have a beautiful design).

Candles it is advisable to install the following items of the suburban area:

  • Recreation areas (patio, gazebo, terrace)
  • In the walking area (visually highlight the features garden paths, stairs either bridge)
  • On trees, bushes, trellis and arches (important to use the candle closed, whatever happened ignition of nearby objects)

Decorative lanterns and candle holders

Today there are many decorative street lamps and candlesticks, various material and design. The most popular lanterns bat, stylish glass jars and wall candle holders.

Lantern "the bat"

Lantern "the bat" is a glazed-metal frame with closed top. The design of the lamp includes the small holes, which allow oxygen, necessary for burning candles. Most often, decorative lamp of this type is used in the garden or on the veranda. The light from the "bat" does not strike the eye and scatters within a radius of several meters, creating a romantic garden.

Traditional design street lamp presents a kerosene lamp or a tea candle. Now produce led street lights bat, which have many advantages, namely:

  • Fireproof (can be hung inside the house)
  • More practical – no need to always have on hand a lighter in order, to turn on the flashlight
  • Economical (one battery and a light bulb will be enough for more than a year)
  • There is a possibility to adjust the lighting (to make it more bright/dim)

Please note that, that both options will make Your garden cozy and beautiful.

Glass jars

Candles in glass jars are also popular. This type of decorative lights for garden is a very creative and easy to create. Shop landscape design can be purchased under glass jars tea lights. They are not expensive, have a special mount (for hanging on the tree) and also very stylish. All you need is to set a candle inside the jar and light. Romantic atmosphere in the garden will be provided!

To your attention photo of candles in glass jars:

Wall candle holders

Another type of decorative garden lanterns this wall candle holders. They are available in different designs and can be led, and with these candles.

With the help of decorative wall candle holders can decorate the patio area, terrace, the entrance to the house and even the fence.

Decorative lighting for garden

That would make your garden creative and to emphasize a certain style, it is recommended to use non-standard methods of street lighting.

Recommended 2 the most interesting ideas:

  • Garden lighting torches
  • Garden lighting traffic cones with candles

The first option is ideal for creating medieval motifs in the garden. The torches are made from cane or metal. Inside the torch is filled with oil, which burns and illuminates the area. With the help of a torch for garden, you can create decorative lighting fencing, garden paths, recreation areas and even the garage. The only caveat, you should consider the torch is a flammable object, so it should be placed away from flammable items garden decor.

Garden lighting traffic cones is an extraordinary idea, which we You and gave. All you need, to purchase the product, decorate them to taste (although it is possible not to do that) and cut a hole on top of a candle. Traffic cones will make a garden unique and creative. At night the garden will be decorated with romantic lighting, and by day, lamps will play the role of creative garden figurines.

We also recommend you to see the ideas architectural lighting of facades of buildings!

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