How to make a birdhouse from a gourd with his own hands?

What would the garden was truly a piece of nature needs to build up its various ornamental plants, arches and houses for Pets. Regarding the latter, you can not even imagine a morning in the country without the pleasant tweeting of birds. We have already seen, how to make a birdhouse with his own hands, using wooden planks and logs, now consider in more creative and at the same time, just option – birdhouse pumpkin with their hands.

Everything you need to create the birdhouse gourd

Делаем скворечник своими руками

Make a birdhouse with his own hands

Among the tools, we need, it is possible to allocate:

  • Electric drill
  • Attachments for drills of different diameters (to create holes)
  • Drill bits for drills
  • Grinding stone for drill
  • Leather lace
  • Marker
  • Thoroughly dried pumpkin

You should pay attention to, what are attachments for drills should be of sufficient diameter to create holes, which would be the bird. Remember, too large holes will lure, accordingly, large birds, which pumpkin can not withstand, therefore, for birdhouse pumpkin it is recommended to create such a hole, as shown in the picture:

Скворечник из тыквы своими руками

Birdhouse pumpkin with their hands

Tools and materials we have listed, now on to the technology itself create!

How to make a birdhouse from a gourd with his own hands?

First take the pumpkin and draw marker, around the middle, a round entrance hole of the birds in the birdhouse.

Further, using an electric drill with attachments, cut out the core of the pumpkin, making room for the birds. Remember, the thickness of the walls of the birdhouse should be at least 1,5-2 cm, otherwise the house will not be durable, and most importantly heat.

After, as the inside of the pumpkin will be removed, do in the bottom of the birdhouse a few holes, which will serve as drainage and remove excess moisture. To create the holes using smaller bits for drills.

Well, in the end, in the drill set the drill is taking place in the neck of the finished birdhouse from a gourd through hole (and better 2), through which is threaded a leather cord.

Now create a birdhouse from a gourd with your hands is considered over. Hung him to the branch (higher, to protect from cats) and enjoy the presence of birds in your garden.

The birdhouse can be supplemented trough for the birds, which can be installed on the same tree.

It should be noted, that birdhouse for the birds of the pumpkin is not too durable and will last 1-2 season. But it is not tragic, because. if he starts to break down, take a pumpkin and make a new, because the time it will take no more 1 hours.

We wish you good luck and creative ideas in creating different small architectural forms for garden with your own hands!

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