Country style

Country style, which is also called country style, has different design features, depending on the traditions of a people. In other words, the country styles of Russia, America, England and France are different, although they have one thing in common – the interior displays a centuries-old tradition, so, all design elements are made of antique.

However, it is possible to distinguish the following common features of country style in the interior:

  • The color palette of the rooms presents a warm bed colors: white, beige, turquoise, yellow, light green, light brown.
  • The walls of the rooms decorated decorative plaster or stone, sometimes kind of do artificially aged. In the traditional Russian style of the wall can be represented as log. It is also recommended to seal wall Wallpaper warm colors with floral ornaments.
  • The ceiling is presented in the form of an open-beamed ceiling whitewashed or just.
  • Floors are often made from boards or stone.
  • Furniture in the interior of rustic wooden, or woven. Harmoniously complement the interior country style rocking chair.
  • As for additional accessories, give the interior a true country style, it is most often used candle holders, tablecloths, mirror, old wall clock, curtains made of cotton, kerosene lamps etc.
  • In addition to the interior of a village house, ideal fireplace, natural stone.

To see the beauty of country style in the interior, you can data photo examples:

We recommend also to familiarize yourself with these styles of interior, as Egyptian and Gothic!

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