Chinese style

Chinese style interior is one of the oldest and refers to inthe East architectural style. The main feature of Chinese style is simplicity and metagranodiorite interior, bold shades, as well as a selection of accessories so, that would be comfortable to be in the room.

Most often the design of the room in the Chinese style chosen by people, love bright and saturated colors, and, of course, fans of Feng Shui and Chinese traditions.

The main features of the Chinese style in the interior are:

Color palette areas represented in red and black shades (traditional Chinese style) or light brown shades (modern Chinese style). In addition, use additional colors, such as yellow, white, blue, pink.

Wall finished decorative plaster either painted on Chinese subjects. It should be noted, what the wall-paper was invented in China, therefore, it is appropriate to hang in the room Wallpaper with Chinese ornament.

Floor most often made of tile and flooring. Fans of Chinese style sometimes use bamboo flooring, ideally suited to the interior.

The ceiling stick with a Wallpaper trim or solid plaster.

To furniture there are special requests, because. it affects one of the main requirements of the Chinese interior – comfort of room. In any case the furniture should not be large and heavy. It is recommended to use light bamboo chairs, wooden tables and cabinets. It should also be noted, that furniture should not be sharp corners.

Accessories, Chinese complementary to the interior of the apartment, are various statues of dragons, porcelain vases, screens, of bamboo, paintings of Chinese subjects, as well as small plants in pots (for example, tangerine tree).

The last thing to do – lighting. The most popular source of lighting in the room of Chinese style lamps are, presented in the form of paper lanterns.

Photos of interior rooms in Chinese style you can see in this photo gallery:

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