The style of constructivism is a young architectural style. The main feature of the interior building in the constructivist style – the simplicity and at the same time, the functionality of the room, no catcher in sight, new-fangled accessories. From constructivism originated popular contemporary architectural style of "high-tech".

Most often the style of constructivism in the interior use of young and active people, requiring the originality of the room to a certain order in furniture arrangement and decor elements.

The main features of the constructivist style in the interior are:

  • Color palette: the black and white combination, metal, grey, red and yellow shades. It should be noted, what is the different trinkets, the interior of the room in the style of constructivism is emphasized through play of colors and lighting. In this case, the room will not be cluttered with useless accessories, but at the same time will look original and harmonious.
  • Walls is solid decorative plaster, in addition, the walls are decorated with original paintings and stylish prints.
  • Flooring for apartment-style constructivism is often presented in the form of parquet.
  • The ceiling oshtukaturivanija, sometimes made out of wood panels with backlight.
  • To furniture presented special requirement, which is the main idea of constructivism: bed, chairs, lockers should be as comfortable and functional. The decorative finish of the furniture recedes into the background (in contrast to the style Baroque, Gothic etc.)
  • The main materials to create an interior in the style of constructivism are wood, stone, glass, metal. No additional finishes of materials should not be (for example, wood carving or gilding), because. in this case, the furniture will be evident, you should avoid.

Finally it should be noted, what is the architectural style of constructivism is very difficult to recreate, but due to the fact, all of this stuff is cheap and uncluttered, the cost will be relatively small.

To your attention photo of the constructivism style in the interior:

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