It is impossible to imagine a holiday in the spring and autumn period without a barbecue or good fried steak. If you have a beautiful piece of land, the design of the grill should complement the overall composition of the garden decor.

The most attractive wrought iron grills, as well as oven, barbecue from a natural stone and brick.

To date, the popular self-made elements of the garden decor is improvised. Ideas in the style of the "hands" and came to the design of the grill. There are plenty of photos of examples of barbecues from gas cylinder and even the front of the car.

We recommend that when creating a beautiful outdoor barbecue use the following tips:

  • The grill needs to be mobile (that would be during rain it can be moved under the canopy or tree). Here should be added, that grill does not have to be massive, heavy weight construction.
  • The grill should be easy to use: the design should include space for containers with meat, skewers, scapula and armfuls of firewood.
  • It is desirable that the design of the grill was a certain part of the garden decor (in the photo you will see the grill in a pig, vehicle, machines, etc.)

We offer to your attention photo of street barbecues at the cottage of brick and metal, hand made:

We also recommend you to view the photo gallery: design of patio area.

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