Moroccan style

The Moroccan style is one of the most vibrant and exotic interior styles, which includes elements of African decor, Arabian and Mediterranean styles.

The interior of the room in Moroccan style, perfect for active people, which is necessary not only to emphasize the creativity of housing, but to make it convenient for travelers.

The main features of the Moroccan style in the interior are:
Color palette: the combination of various bright colors (red, blue, yellow, green, gold, orange, turquoise). So often rooms are painted in white and brown.

Wall, as a rule, are plastered with plain Moroccan plaster, called tadelakt. In addition, the walls are finished with ceramic tiles, and drapery fabrics.

The ceiling oshtukaturivanija in the same shade, as the walls. Often ceilings are finished with wooden panels and carved frieze around the perimeter at the junction with the walls.

Flooring presented in the form of ceramic tiles with patterns on the Eastern theme. Much less as the floor stands flooring.

Furniture the Moroccan interior style should be a squat, made of wood. Harmoniously complement the interior of puffs, footrest and tables.

Doorways in a Moroccan style and presented in the form of Lancet arches. Windows decorated with metal bars, painted black.

Well accessories for the Moroccan interior are fireplaces, pillow, curtains, lamps Oriental style, mirror, clay plates and vases, standing on the floor.

Photo of Moroccan style in the interior you can see in this photo gallery:

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