The design of the beds

Suburban area, as a rule, consists of recreation areas, the garden. If the first two elements you can easily decorate to create a beautiful garden, with the design of the garden you have to experiment a bit.

The garden needs to perform its main function – to bring the harvest. That is why in the garden you need to make maximum use of all available space to create garden beds.

In the beds there is no space large garden sculptures, small architectural forms and water, it's great to reduce the range of ideas in landscape design.

Creative gardeners and experienced designers came up with a lot of ideas to design garden beds at the cottage. Then you will see, how you can simply decorate the garden, while not spending a lot of free space.

The main ideas for the decoration of beds are:

  • Use decorative borders, which give the outline of the garden beds view
  • The use of vertical beds (the beds, growing in pots, installed along special design)
  • Creating a pattern of garden beds (the beds in the shape of a flower, geometric shapes, etc.)
  • The decoration of the beds garden Scarecrow small garden figurines

To your attention photo of design beds at the dacha with his hands:

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