Features functional and decorative lighting of the winter garden and the usual

Before designing the lighting in the garden, you have to understand, what you need to combine and beauty, which will be in the garden and the functionality of this lighting. Your garden must perform two functions, which should not interfere with each other. First, the garden is a source of vitamins, and second- place, where you can relax in the evening, for dinner, according to talk after a hard working day. Do not forget as well, that night the dark alleyways and unlit bushes can cause injury, therefore, in this article, we will discuss the most optimal lighting your garden.

Create functional lighting on the site

Освещение садаFunctional lighting plot is used for the safe movement around the garden at night. It is necessary to cover all the main objects in the garden: the path from the gate to the door of the house, track located directly in the garden, gazebo, various ornamental trees and shrubs etc. For lighting such objects are well suited to high pole lights. Their height must exceed 2 meter, otherwise the light will hit, you, straight in the eye and not about a security may not be considered.

What kind of lamp to buy for garden?

Лампы для сада

Lamps for garden

The most banal example is the incandescent light bulb. But it has worthy competitors – discharge and halogen lamps. They give more light, and power consume less. But you should pay attention to such nuances, as: halogen bulbs should not be place close to plants, because. they emit a large amount of heat, and will harm these plants, a gas-discharge lamps do not use with motion sensors, because. these lamps are not designed for frequent on/off. Today the most promising solution are led lamps. Although they are more expensive, but in terms of luminous efficiency they have no equal.

How to create decorative lighting?

Decorative lighting is used for soft lighting in the garden, it is perfect for lighting gazebo, large plants or sculptures. Most often, such lighting use lamps on solar batteries, bollards, fiber optic etc. Let's consider each of the following highlights:

  • Lanterns on solar batteries is convenient because, that they can be easily moved to any place, they have no wires, and the light, they emit soft and does not hurt the eyes. Another advantage of these lamps – autonomy.
  • Bollards bars represent the, height 1,5 m, in which the lamp is placed on top, thereby scattering the light around itself. In Ballard, as a rule, twist the fluorescent light bulb small power.


  • Fiber optic is another innovation in lighting design. Its advantage is the fact, that it is not associated with electric shock, not heated and it can be easy to weave into the bushes, trees etc.
Оптическое волокно

Fiber optic

Do optimal light output

The choice of lamp is not the only task, which must be approached with the mind, when designing lighting. Plays an important role and a well-chosen lamp, who will cover your area. For example, mercury bulbs produce a blue tint, similar to moonlight, but if it's being used on plants, the impression of lifelessness of these plants.

Colored lamps are a good choice for the lighting of the winter garden, but if you install them at the moment, when everything is in bloom, leaves may seem faded.

As for plants, they should be light bulbs pure white or yellow. Ideal for gas discharge lamp. It is desirable that the light fell from the bottom up, this will give glamor.

If you light the pool from inside, it will be like a big lamp, and if you spread the light around the perimeter of the pool, the impression of great depth.

Features light up the winter garden

Зимний сад

Winter garden

Winter garden carries more functionality, than the garden on the street. Lighting in the winter garden, as a rule, close to natural, because. there are expensive exotic plants from tropical countries. The best flow of light giving lamp with mirrored flask, because their light falls directly on the leaves of plants.

It is important to know, what flowers short photoperiod should be placed on one side of the garden, and long in another. If they all mix and the light will Shine equally, it is not that will not bloom.

Which bulb to choose for a winter garden?

Usually, for a winter garden using fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs. The trouble is, what these lamps do not provide sufficient amounts of red and blue shades, depends on the growth of plants. Another disadvantage of such lamps, a large amount of heat generated of, what burns the leaves of plants.

Perfect for winter garden – fluorescent lamp using a blue-enhanced blue spectrum. These lamps accelerate the photosynthesis and prevent stretching. Do not forget about the harmfulness of these lamps for man, therefore, immediately buy such lamps light restricting caps, otherwise it is a long time in this garden you will not be able.

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