The entrance hall in a private house

Unlike hallway in the apartment, free space in the hallway of a private home can be several times more. It is associated with the free layout of the house depending on your own preferences.

Looks very nice, a small entrance hall with coat rack and bench, but more practical is a large entrance hall with wardrobe, shop (or Ottoman) and Shoe shelf.

In a private house, sometimes the hallway is combined with a living room or dining room, that is a very good option.

The advantage of the hallway in a private house is, that room can be designed with large spacious Windows, so, and the lighting in the room will be much more.

Most often the hallway make out the interior of the whole house.

Do not forget, that hallway is the first room after the entrance door, so the first impression about the tastes of the owners consists precisely in the design of the hallway.

To your attention photo design a hallway in a private house:

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