The hallways in the apartment

In high-rise buildings of the old layout of the hallways, as a rule, long and narrow. To date, the layout of apartments is slightly altered and now the hallway in the apartment presented to a small room with wardrobe and mirror.

In order, what would be the interior hallway was inviting and cozy, creative need to decorate the walls, the ceiling and floor, and choose some suitable accessories.

We have already considered design ideas long hallways, and hallways contemporary style, clicking on the links, you can find the relevant photo examples.

If you want creative issue hallway, in accordance with one of the existing styles of interior, we recommend you to browse photo design is stylish hallways.

As for the design of the hallways in the apartment, the main difference from a hallway in a private house is the lack of Windows, so, and natural lighting. That is why in this hallway needs to be carefully considered artificial lighting (to find the location of fixtures and types of lamps).

To your attention photo of the design of the hallways in the apartment:

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