Provence style in the interior is a French traditional style. Since Provence is a southern region of France, which washes the sea, it, therefore, and the style of Provence characteristic features at the same time sea and country style.

The size of the rooms at home in Provence almost no role, therefore, this idea will fit like a small apartment, and spacious cottage.

The main features of Provence in the interior are:

  • Color palette. The room should be light, so it is often used white color and soft pastel colors, such as beige, olive, pale yellow, turquoise, ash-pink.
  • Walls is decorative plaster, paint or paper Wallpaper with a distinctive Provence ornament. Occasionally the walls are whitewashed.
  • The ceiling similarly finished walls.
  • Floor laid parquet or ceramic tiles (depending on the functionality of the room).
  • Furniture must be the typical country style: wooden, artificially aged, painted in a light color (ideally, white, milk or turquoise). Welcome woodcarving and slightly oblessa paint.
  • Additional accessories in the style of Provence, there may be the curtains at the window, flowers in pots, pictures, mirror, old candlesticks, chandeliers, carpets etc.

Photos of Provence style in the interior is provided in this photo gallery:

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