Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style of interior design originated in the second half of the 20th century in the countries of Northern Europe: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The distinctive features of Scandinavian interiors are bright, the color of the rooms from natural materials, a minimum of furniture and maximum lighting.

Scandinavian style in the interior suitable for large rooms, and small, therefore, almost any apartment can be designed in this style.

The main features of Scandinavian interiors are:

  • Color palette. As we have said, the room should be light. Ideally, it is recommended to paint the room in these colors, as: white, sand and amber. Looks pretty good contrast of white with all shades of black. It should also be noted, what Scandinavian interior design has a "twist" in the form of bright spots on a light background. In this case, using pillows, painting and chairs red, yellow, blue.
  • Materials to create an interior in the Scandinavian style are the stone, tree, ceramics & glass.
  • Walls is bright decorative plaster. You can also find paper Wallpaper, but it's not a very good option.
  • Floor fit of the boards, painted white, parquet or ceramic tiles.
  • The ceiling most often similar to the finished walls. Although sometimes the walls can be plastered, with wooden ceilings and boards.
  • Furniture needs to be hardwood. The amount of furniture, as in the style minimalism, is minimized: must remain only the most important elements: chairs, bed, tables. It is recommended to use multi-functional furniture (for example, bed, which can be folded into a sofa).
  • Accessories in Scandinavian interior can be a bright pillow, plants in pots, rugs and paintings of eye-catching colors.
  • Special attention should be paid lighting. As we have said, lighting should be plenty. That is why Windows creates big, without blinds (high translucent curtain). For artificial lighting, use floor lamps, sconce, large chandeliers etc.

Photos of the interior in Scandinavian style:

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