The Renaissance (Revival)

The architectural style of the Renaissance, referred to as "the Renaissance" originated in Italy in the fifteenth century. At this time, the Italians gradually began to move from medieval traditions to the culture of antiquity, filled with its luxury and beauty.

In order to create an interior in the Renaissance style you want to use only antique furniture and accessories, and in any case not to use the ideas of other styles.

The main features of the Renaissance style in the interior are:

  • Finishing materials of rooms and furniture: leather, velvet, wood, marble, brocade.
  • The color palette of the interior: yellow, purple, beige, Burgundy tones.
  • Walls are finished a solid decorative plaster. Additionally, the walls can be decorated with fresco and stucco.
  • The ceiling is decorated with stucco work around the perimeter.
  • The floor is decorated with tiles ornament or luxury parquet.
  • The Windows are large, additionally decorated with curtains made of expensive fabric.
  • Furniture vintage. Ideally wooden with carving and gilding.
  • Accessories: fireplace, mirror, chests, antique sculpture, pictures, vases, columns, candlesticks etc.

We offer to your attention photos of registration of apartments in the Renaissance style (Revival):

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