The Rococo style

Rococo is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated architectural styles. In order to design the interior in the Rococo style is quite a small room, oval or asymmetrical shape.

The main idea of the Rococo interior: to show the richness of the room, that is achieved with plated furniture, antique stucco, expensive fabrics and precious wood. Despite the fact, the Rococo decorative style carries the load, in the room all the décor elements contribute to a comfortable stay.

The main features of Rococo styles in the interior are:

  • Color palette. The room is full of elegant colors and combinations: white with gold, red, blue, green. In addition, used pearl, pearl, the purple shades.
  • Wall off the same material, that the ceiling. Most often used carved wooden panel, elegant stucco on the antique theme, wall paintings and Drapes in rich fabrics.
  • As flooring use parquet and ceramic tiles. So is the floor made of expensive rugs.
  • As for furniture, the Rococo style involves the use of antique wooden furniture with carving and gilding.
  • Mandatory Rococo interior needs to be fireplace, natural stone. Not to do without large Windows, a slightly rounded shape and decorated with curtains.
  • Accessories interior of Rococo there may be figurines of ceramic, mirror, candlesticks, the statues of ancient mythology, luxury and mobile screen.

To your attention photo of the interior in the Rococo style:

If you are interested in the Rococo style, we recommend also to familiarize themselves with the style Baroque and revival!

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