The Chalet-style

Chalet, as the style of the interior appeared relatively long ago and to this day is very popular in the design of private houses and apartments.

In the interior of the Chalet you can see the similarity with these styles, as Scandinavian, romance and Russian.

Main features Chalet style in the interior are:

  • Exclusively natural materials. As a floor coating is painted or varnished Board. Walls are finished with natural stone, wood or plaster. The ceiling is one of the "highlights" of the interior: design presents exposed beams.
  • Colors. The interior rooms in a Chalet style full of natural color solutions, namely: terracotta, cream, brown, beige and white colors.
  • Furniture. It is recommended to use rough wooden furniture. In the living room often set large leather sofa. Not rarely on the soft chairs are laying the skins of animals.
  • Accessories. An integral part of the living room – wood-burning fireplace. The interior of the room is a Chalet-style décor can be decorated with hunting trophies, paintings, beautiful statues of nature. No bright colors should not.

We offer to your attention photo of the Chalet style in the interior:

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