The high-tech style

The high-tech style is ultra-modern in style and originates from the second half of the 20th century. At this time, was widely used style constructivism in the interior, which, actually, and inspired designers to create more high-tech interior.

For apartment design in high-tech style, you must have a large area of rooms, because. this style requires spatial freedom.

The main features of high-tech in the interior are:

  • Color palette. Often use white combined with shades of black and grey. Bright colors are not prohibited, but you need to choose the right contrast, what would all the features of the style are not left on the back burner because of the flashy color of rooms.
  • Materials for interior decorating needs to be plastic, glass, metal and occasionally wood. Best proven chrome modules, mounted on the walls.
  • Furniture in the style of hi-tech should be strict geometric shapes and carefully designed for maximum comfort of the owners. Most often used glass tables, bright sofas leatherette, as well as armchairs and beds of solid fabric white, grey or black. In any case, you cannot use the old furniture with carving, curved legs and gilt.
  • Wall it is recommended to paint in bright colors: white, sand, light grey. In the style of hi-tech wall must be perfectly smooth and completely naked.
  • The ceiling can be layered, painted to match the walls. The ceiling can brighten the original neon and halogen lamps.
  • For flooring use ceramic tile. On top of it is recommended to lay a light carpet or a more original accessory – animal skin.
  • Special attention in the style of hi-tech is paid to Windows and doors. Windows needs to be big, instead of curtains use blinds. Door it is recommended to install glass (Matt or transparent).
  • Accessories in the style of hi-tech are various newfangled figurines, more modern pictures on the walls and creative lamps. Stylishly complement the interior high-tech high-tech fireplace, large aquarium, kitchen hood with unusual shapes and, of course, personal computer.

Photo high-tech style in the interior is provided in this photo gallery:

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