Glowing stones, the secret to creating the glowing stones with their hands.

Another innovation in the design of landscape lighting – glowing stones. Their light creates the illusion of magic, and the view of your yard – the episode of beautiful fairy! We will now consider, as your own hands can make so a beautiful addition to your yard.

Светящиеся камни

The secret of the glowing stones

Recently growing in popularity among lighting gardens country cottages gain a small decorative lamps, many of whom work on the solar light. It is convenient and allows, anything you like to decorate your yard, without worry. And that's in addition to lamps came, the so-called, glowing stones. As a material for such stones using polymer clay with catalysts luminosity. This material can accumulate light from anything, whether it is the energy of the sun, whether it is the light of a lantern. The duration of such "fixtures" depends on the time of charging. If the pebble fell light during the day, and it will Shine until dawn, and Vice versa, if he was charging for about an hour, then about an hour it will last the night.

The size and features of the unit of luminous stones

Пример светящихся камней

Now the producers of the glowing stones provide consumers with the stones in three sizes: small (stone chippings), average ( how about river pebbles), large ( resembling boulders).

With regard to the installation of such stones, small and medium-sized stones just enough to lay out on the yard, but the major, the size of boulders, you must carefully push into the ground (they have no "bottom" and that with little effort they are embedded in the ground). Pushed the boulders, what would they not blown away, because. in the middle they are empty, and the weight of them not so much. Before laying in the ground, manufacturers recommend to put inside the boulder a sheet of white paper or foil, the quality of the glow will improve.

Stones with LEDs

Светящиеся светодиодные камни

Other backlight option stones is the use of LEDs. The power comes from the mains through step-down transformers. The life of stones about 100 000 hours, which corresponds to 27 years when 10 hours every day. The only and at the same time, a significant disadvantage is the fact, that these stones do not provide replacement of the led, because. design designed, fully encapsulated. Also unlike the stones using polymer plastic with catalyst luminosity, which does not need to laying cable under the ground, led stones are associated with this time-consuming process.

The use of glowing stones

It should be noted, that glow in the night stones, day do not differ from natural stones, so you can easily place these stones around any object garden (fountain, Bush, decorative tree). Look spectacular garden paths, decorated with stones (it is best to sprinkle them with pebbles small and medium size).

The benefits of glowing stones

In addition, that glowing stones are stylishly decorate your yard, one can distinguish the following important benefits:

  • Long service life,
  • Big energy savings ( all you need these stones – solar energy),
  • Ease of care (when pollution is enough to wash them in normal detergent),
  • High resistance to shocks, heavy loads, high and low temperature.

The production of glowing stones with their hands

Of course, though the manufacturer and try to hide the mystery of the glowing stones, without giving away any secrets, own hands the gem to make a very simple. For this you need natural stones (for example, pebbles) and fluorescent paint. Paint should be chosen with the greatest wear resistance. Then treat the face of the stones with paint, carefully filling in the cracks and nadkoly, and place the stones in their places. To glow they will be around 13 hours, not inferior to what the market offers.

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