Dark hallways

We have already discussed with you photos design ideas dark bathrooms. If the dark shades of your liking, why not decorate the hallway in dark colours?

First, it is practical, because. the hallway is dirty most of the other rooms. Second, the dark room is itself the original. Third, in a dark hallway, you can install a hidden ceiling light and create a beautiful, the mysterious interior of the room.

Usually colors dark hallway is presented by such shades, as black, dark blue, dark brown and dark green. In order, what would the room was not too dark, it is recommended to create a contrast of shades, using white or cream panels on the walls, the floor and ceiling.

To create dark walls dark it is recommended to glue the Wallpaper in the hallway or paint the walls, that is a more complicated process.

To your attention photo of the dark hallways:

We recommend you to browse the gallery: original apartment in dark colors!

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