Decorate trees with garlands

In the daytime, the trees delight the eye with their natural beauty, but in the evening they can add charm and attractiveness with the help of outdoor LED garlands.. In fact, decorating a tree with light bulbs is not at all difficult and for decoration you do not need special skills.. We have prepared for you practical tips on choosing and decorating with LED garlands of trees of all sizes and shapes.

Recommendations for the selection of street garlands for trees

For the design of trees, you can adapt a variety of types of light products.

A special type of street garlands for trees is called clip-light "spider". The main feature of this product is that, that from the controller garland comes in the form of a simple single thread, and then the product is branched into several equal parts, which are designed for winding branches. A large selection of clip-lights is presented on the Winner Light website at the link (

Depending on the type of tree and the effect, that you want to create, you can use garlands in the form of a thread, curtain or net. ALSO often used for these purposes LED duralight.

When selecting lighting fixtures for trees, pay attention to the level of insulation of the product.. Since the trees grow outdoors, then you should choose garlands with the highest level of protection against moisture and temperature changes. Look for street models with IP65 mark in stores, which gives a guarantee of proper operation in any weather.

Interesting ideas for decoration

The easiest and fastest option is to wrap a garland around the barrel, without moving to branches. This method is often used to decorate large trees with a massive trunk., in which the branches begin to diverge to the sides at the level of human growth and above. Decoration should begin with the base of the trunk, so that the controller and plug of the garland are on the ground. Wrap the light thread around the tree in a spiral, leaving gaps between turns no more than 10-15 cm. Try to wrap the barrel tightly, but not too tight, so as not to harm the tree.

By the same technology, you can decorate the tree completely, moving after the trunk to the branches. If you use a clip-light "spider" to decorate a street garland, then wrap each branch with your own segment, and if you have a regular thread, then lead it first one branch up, then go down to the trunk and move on to the next branch.

On a large tree with a sloping crown, you can beautifully hang a garland with large light bulbs in retro style so, so that the product hangs carelessly from the branches. To decorate coniferous trees, bushes with a thick crown or hedges can be used garlands in the form of a grid.

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