Oriental style

Oriental style in the interior is divided into two main areas: Arabic and Asian style. In this article, we will focus on the Arabic style in the interior and its main features.

The main features of Oriental style in the interior are soft squat furniture, beautiful accessories Eastern theme, and as the game lighting.

The main color palette Oriental style in the interior are such shades, as red, blue, ash pink, white and brown.

As a rule, furniture wood carving, lined with soft fabric shades. In addition to the sofas, chairs, the beds should be plenty of cushions with ornament in Oriental style.

The hallmark of Oriental style the interior of the room are arches, vases, carpets, beautiful curtains, elegant chandeliers in Arabic style.

Wall, as a rule, plastered or finished drape. Ceilings wood panels are made or are plastered with.

As for flooring, for the Eastern style is most appropriate is ceramic tile with patterns of plant subjects or a traditional ornament.

Living room interior in the Oriental style it is impossible to imagine without a hookah, which you can smoke on the soft couch squat.

Bathroom fully laid by the stylish tiled or finished with decorative plaster.

What would you clearly could see all the elements of interior design in Oriental style, we offer to your attention the photo gallery:

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