Arches for garden: the advantages and disadvantages of various types of arches, how to create with their hands

One of the most popular garden accessories is the arch. It is complemented with climbing plants and create a romantic atmosphere in any garden style. In order, that would make the arch with their hands don't need a lot of time, material resources and special skills in construction. Next, we will provide you with instructions for creating wooden and metal arches, and now a little detailed look at, what is a garden arch.

Than arch differs from the pergola?

Pergola, as arch is needed in order, to complement the landscape design with its elegant shape and climbing plants, decorate data architectural forms.

Arch is a narrow design, U-shaped or similar form, which it is customary to divide area into zones, to make the entrance to the area or just to decorate a garden path.

Деревянная арка

Wooden arch

Pergola called design, which is several arches, lined up one behind the other. With pergolas made to create a green corridor or install a patio in summer cottage.

As we can see, arch and pergola, this is essentially one and the same design, which may differ only in their length, or to say the right depth.

Arch: buy or make your own hands?

Today the market design area is full of different small architectural forms, among them we can find many garden arches, made in the most varied styles and decorative frame. Also manufacturers of the arches provides various material of their execution, which will depend on your preference and size of wallet.

The advantage of the purchase of the arches lies in the fact, they, as a rule, imagine a team structure, which can be installed within hours using, supplied, instructions.

Also purchased arch has the advantage – it decorates the manufacturer, moreover, the elements of the décor look luxurious.

But still, if you are a skilled craftsman, not willing to once again spend money and just enjoy the fact, what you are doing something with their hands, it is the creation of handwritten arch is for you, as you will have the following benefits:

  • The quality of the material you choose
  • Significant savings of money
  • You can draw in the most suitable garden style
  • The size of the arch choose for yourself
  • Getting dose of pleasure from that, that arch will be made with your own hands

Material to create the arch

The most popular materials for the manufacture of the arch is tree, metal, plastic, brick and concrete.

Wooden arch is the most traditional and common. The advantage of the wooden arch is the following:

  • Ease of Assembly/disassembly design
  • Tree – an environmentally friendly material
  • Easy care arch
  • The cheapness of the material
  • A pleasant aesthetic appearance, which is suitable for most common garden styles

The disadvantage of wooden arch is its relatively short lifetime and is not such a high stability of the structure, like metal and brick arches.

All wooden arch is the best building in the category of "price-quality", therefore, instructions for creating your own hands, we will describe specifically for wooden arch.

Plastic arches are the most expensive option, which is an advantage in a variety of colors and shapes, and low price.

Пластмассовые арки

Plastic arches

Install the plastic arch at the summer cottage for permanent decor item we do not recommend, because. it kind of cheapens the overall composition of the garden plot, and the stability is poor.

The brick arch is the most luxurious and elegant. It is recommended to create the large gardens, crammed with buildings and small architectural forms made of brick and stone.

Кирпичная арка

Brick arch

The stability and durability of the brick arches, not be compared with any other, but the price of building very high, moreover, for this you will need to have the skills of bricklaying.

The metal arch is also a good option. It is made of thin metal rods, which make the design sustainable and at the same time not heavy, which has a positive impact on the competitiveness of this type of arch. The metal is good, that durable and if the arch is made with the use of artistic forging, the garden plot will become even more attractive.

Металлическая арка

Metal arch

The only significant disadvantage of the metal arch is the, what for it is necessary to exercise meticulous care in processing, anti-corrosion agents and the autopsy paint, otherwise arch will last not long.

To create a metal arch with their hands will require the skills of welding machine and the unit itself, therefore, not every cottager sets a arch in the garden.

Where to place the arch for garden?

Arch for garden is best placed in areas of the recreation area, because. its main purpose is not decorative function, but protection from hot sun and wind.

Garden arch will find its place in a cozy place in the back yard, if it is to complement a small bench, which will serve as a place for solitude.

Садовая арка

Garden arch

Many Western European vacationers like to install arch right at the entrance to the courtyard, additionally decorating it with parthenocissus or climbing rose.

One should take into account the peculiarity of the landscape design is arch to blend with other buildings in the garden, so if you place the arch next to an apartment building, take care of its design.

Wooden arch for garden with your own hands

In order to make a wooden arch for the garden with their hands, you will need the following building materials and tools:

  • 4 wooden racks with a diameter 10 cm (length 3 meter)
  • 16-18 wooden beams with a diameter of 7 cm (length 0,5 meter)
  • A lot of wooden rods with a diameter of 3 cm
  • Wire
  • Screws for wood
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • The ingredients of cement mortar (sand, cement, water)
  • Antiseptic

First of all wooden elements must be treated with antiseptics, which protect from rotting wood, insect infestation and fire.

Going further, design of wooden arch:

2 wooden racks with a diameter 10 cm should be lined as follows: 1 meter to separate (she will go down in the soil), and the rest 2 meter be lined on 4 smooth cut. On the ground of these segments 10-inch bars required to connect 7-inch, as shown in the picture.With the remaining 2 stands to do the same, as with 2

Шаг 1

Step 1

Then the finished side of the arches are additionally strengthened by using 3-santimetrovy rods, nailed crosswise.Next, you need to make a shot of the arch. This 7-santimetrovy beams attach to the posts using. "vpoldereva" and additional connection screws. More detail see picture:

Врубка "вполдерева"

The cutting is “vpoldereva”

Шаг 2

Step 2

Once the bar is created and attached to the posts, the finished arch structure installed in the ground. To do this, dig 4 identical holes, depth 80-100 cm, they set the arch and fill with cement mortar. It is recommended to create additional backups in order, the design will not warp.

Шаг 3

Step 3

The construction of a wooden arch with their hands completed. Optionally, you can decorate the arch with additional decorative elements and certainly, when the mortar hardens, planted near the arch climbing plants, which will make the arch natural green.

Готовая деревянная арка

Ready-made wooden arch

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