Decorative gravel as an idea for garden decoration with your own hands

Another original idea for garden decoration is the use of decorative gravel for laying out the surface of the adjoining territory. Decorative natural pebbles can not only complement the lawn, but to completely replace it. Bring to your attention some information about decorative gravels, as well as photo examples of the design of adjoining territory with the ideas for garden.

Basic information about decorative gravels

Украшение участка декоративным гравием

The decoration of the site with decorative gravel

As for the color of the decorative gravel, it can be from Golden to purple-green, including the usual grey, white and yellow.

That would cover the surface of the garden with gravel do not need special knowledge and skills in working with this material, you just have a fantasy to create a unique and aesthetic appearance of the site.

Size decorative gravel can range from tiny, diameter 5 mm, to pieces over 70 mm. The use of combinations between the factions, colors and shapes of gravel will make the original design of the garden paths of this material.

The idea for the garden will allow you to decorate not only a garden path, but the boundaries of the reservoir, beds, pool, Playground, recreation areas etc.

It should be noted, what color gravel is the material is not cheap, so if you decided to put all of it track, know, the material consumption will be about 1 tons for 5 meters length (though, the width of the path will be 1 m).

Something to add decorative gravel?

To create a harmonious composition of a garden plot, paved with decorative gravel, it is recommended to Supplement it with various elements of decoration of the landscape and similar materials.

For example, a good solution would be the addition of gravel sand, boulders or pebbles small fractions.

It is also recommended to add decorative gravel plants. The most suitable are considered drought-resistant plants, such as:

  • Carnation
  • Tysyacelistnik
  • Lavender
  • Acetic
  • Thyme

Among shrubs, the most suitable is the cotoneaster and gorse, among the grasses – blue fescue.

Дополнение гравия растениями

The addition of gravel plants

In order, that would create a composition of decorative gravel and plants must do the following work:

  1. Remove the soil to fall asleep gravel
  2. Laid on the ground agrotextile (it will not allow the gravel to interact with the ground, as well as prevent the growth of weeds in the area).
  3. Make the agricultural fiber slots for plants, tearing small holes and place the selected plants, after landing immediately profusely
  4. Gently fill the area with decorative gravel

It should be noted, if your site is small, the ground of gravel must also be small, because. if the whole area will be backfilled according to the decorative material, the aesthetic appearance of the garden will look ridiculous.

Photo examples of ideas for garden – decorative gravel

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