Make a rocking chair with your hands using video tutorial and tips from the experts

What would the long-awaited vacation in the garden the most fun care should be taken, what furniture will you relax. Of course, on a small wooden stool to rest, you can not exceed 5 minutes, then you just need to get up and stretch. This option of garden furniture, as the rocking chair will allow you to relax for hours over a Cup of coffee and a book, so be sure to make this device your own hands, and now we get a little help!
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Rocking chair: buy or make your own hands?

Today, furniture stores offer a wide range of inexpensive outdoor and indoor furniture, among which you can find a rocking chair. Not to say, a purchase of a rocking chair is a bad option, after all, in addition, what manufacturer makes high-quality and sustainable design chair, its design can be very diverse and more decorative, than it would make you. So if you have sufficient material means and do not possess the minimum knowledge base on working with wood, purchase rocking chairs for you will be a more reasonable action.


Rocking chair

But still, if the establishment of the rocking chairs with their hands, your dream, you will surely realize it, because. in this work there is nothing difficult.

Make a rocking chair with their hands can in one day., having spent the money on a sheet of plywood (or planed boards), carpenter's glue and screws for wood, in General, the cost is minimal.

To provide detailed instruction will be very difficult, and you hardly understand, therefore, it is best to explain, how to make a rocking chair with your hands on the example drawings, a few important tips and video lesson. Let's not waste time and proceed to the consideration of all these components!

What to do the rocking chair?

In order, what would the rocking chair was sturdy, reliable and durable it is best to use higher-quality types of wood – larch, oak, needles. It is also often used to create rocking chairs with their hands sheets of plywood, which not only easily sawn, but also have flexibility and respond well to treatment.

First of all, what would be the material for the rocking chair you choose, it must handle protective antiseptic means, because. this furniture will stand on the street and under the adverse impact of natural features (rain, snow, frost) can quickly lose its attractive appearance or even rot.

Кресло-качалка из дерева и металла

Rocking chair made of wood and metal

Not recommended for outdoor rocking chair sheathing fabric, foam or other matters, because. if they get rain (and it will happen), the tissue starts to rot and then it will have to alter. In this case it is better to use a softer wood, and when you will be going to relax on the rocking chair, just take a blanket, which cover the chair, that's all.

Many designers create the frame of the rocking chair in wrought metal, and the seat is made from wood – this option is also good for the garden, because. the durability of the furniture will be more.

Кресло-качалка из кованого металла

Rocking chair in wrought metal

Furniture stores even provide plastic chairs, one of the advantages of high immunity to the effects of weather conditions, ease of design and inexpensive price.

Кресло-качалка из пластика

Rocking chair plastic

Where to place a rocking chair on a country site?

To place a rocking chair is recommended in rest areas, with canopy: the gazebo, the terrace, patio. In the open space to place a rocking chair not suggest, because. damage atmospheric deposition can not be avoided.

If you want to relax under the open sky, then in the evening bring a rocking chair under the canopy.

The rocking chair will find a place anywhere: near Playground, on the porch, near the pool, near the area BBQ.

The main thing, what would during the holidays you can observe the most beautiful places on the dacha, such as a garden, fountain, flower garden etc.

Tips on making rocking chairs with their hands

Советы по изготовлению кресла-качалки своими руками

Tips on making rocking chairs with their hands

Before we provide video tutorial for rocking chairs, I would like to give you some tips on making rocking chairs with their hands, so:

  • The thickness of the material, to create chairs shall not be less than 15 mm, for the frame it is better to use even 20 mm Board.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is better to use such types of wood, as oak, larch and pine needles.
  • Be sure to handle the material antiseptic, metal handle with anticorrosive.
  • For fixing of structural elements it is better to use a tongue and groove connection, which it is necessary to include in the drawing. If shipovoe connection for any reason fail to produce, then use carpenter's glue and screws.
  • Select screws of suitable length – what would they climbs from the opposite side of the Board and at the same time reliably connected design.
  • To hide the cap screws, use the special plugs wooden color, which can be purchased in the market.
  • Before making a rocking chair with your hands, prepare a drawing on graph paper, where raschertite all elements of the design in scale 1:1. Further, Verite all the design element and compactly spread out on a Board or sheet of plywood, then circle them in pencil and jigsaw carefully wirite.
  • After application of the antiseptic Board needs to dry out well. Before the finished design will be collected, unpack all components with primer and apply the paint.

Blueprints for a rocking chair with their hands

Using these blueprints for a rocking chair, you will not only reduce the overall build time, but will not long suffer, selecting the design and the correct dimensions of parts!

Video lesson: how to make a rocking chair with their hands

Here we come to the most popular for you: "How to make a rocking chair with their hands?".

As an example, will give you video lesson, showing, how easy is a rocking chair at home:

Create a rocking chair part 1
Create a rocking chair part 2

Also bring to your attention another video example, earned popularity on the Internet. This man shows how to make a rocking chair with their hands, while using power tools:

The establishment of a rocking chair without power tools

Of course, that the construction of such chairs require professional skills to work with wood, but still visible, the craft knows no bounds, so we wish you inspiration and more brilliant ideas to build different fixtures for garden with your own hands!

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Create a rocking chair part 1
Create a rocking chair part 2
The establishment of a rocking chair without power tools
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