Effective protection of the pool – the pavilion is made of polycarbonate with their hands

So, the pool in the summer cottage we built, finish bowl carried out, the relaxation area is equipped. There's so much left to add to the pool a kind of canopy, which will allow to use the pool even in bad weather. This canopy is pavilion, the construction of which we now discuss!

The purpose of the pavilion for the pool

павильон из поликарбоната своими руками

the pavilion is made of polycarbonate with their hands

The pool house is a structure useful and allows you not only to rest comfortably after a hard day's work, but to keep your body in good shape. Most often gardeners build concrete pools open type, which can be used in warm weather throughout the summer and even a few weeks of spring and autumn.

But all is not well, as it seems. Concrete swimming pool requires daily cleaning of leaves and other garden debris, in addition, during the warm weather, but strong gusts of wind normal to swim you will not be able. In this case, comes to the aid of inexpensive construction, which just as easily can be erected with his own hands – a pavilion for the pool.
Pool enclosure is a structure of aluminum or steel poles, which insulating sheathed waterproof roofing material. Typically, the slab using the plexiglass or the more popular material – polycarbonate.

The purpose of the pavilion pool is closely linked to the advantages of this structure, namely:

  • Pool enclosure protects a swimming spot from garden debris, and consequently reduces the frequency and cleaning time
  • Protective structure allows you to swim in the pool in the rain, strong winds and low temperatures (if you additionally install a small heater)
  • In the construction of the pavilion increases the durability of the pool, what is associated with effective protection during preservation facilities (in the winter)
  • Pool enclosure contributes to significant energy savings, that are associated with lower cost of heating water (because. the water is not so easily appeased).
  • Pool enclosure prevents harmful UV rays while swimming during the summer in hot weather
  • Pool enclosure can also serve as good protection from the sun, wind, rain and eyes of the neighbours, if you build under a roof or near a swimming pool the area

As you can see, the pavilion pool has many advantages, therefore, the arrangement of the pool data structure is a good idea.

Technology installation of the pavilion to the pool with their hands

Технология монтажа павильона для бассейна своими руками

Technology installation of the pavilion to the pool with their hands

To build a pavilion for the pool with their hands does not require special skills in construction, it is sufficient to study the properties and handling of polycarbonate, know, how to pour the Foundation and erect prefabricated structures made of aluminum profiles. At first glance, it seems complicated, but when you get to the point, begin to understand, it's elementary.

Technology installation of pavilions for pools has similarities with the technology of construction canopy from polycarbonate under the car.

First we need to determine the size of the pavilion. The width and length of the pavilion for the pool should be slightly larger than the dimensions of the pool, because. the supports will be installed around the perimeter of the bowl with its outer side. As for height – it can be from 1 metre to 4, depending on the preferences of the vacationers. It is recommended to take up a little more 2 meters (2,3-2,5), what would the heat loss was minimal, while relaxing by the pool was comfortable to move.

The shape of the pavilion can also be varied: arched, shed roof, saddle etc. The most aesthetically attractive arched form, moreover, it will not allow snow nametag to remain on the surface of the pavilion.

If you have decided to build a pavilion for the pool, when the pool itself is already fully erected and ready for use, it is necessary to pour additional Foundation.

It is recommended to fill strip Foundation, because. it is the most durable and able to withstand heavy loads. But still, because. the design of the pavilion has a greater weight, allowed to use columnar and even pile Foundation. When pouring a Foundation, create support beams under the frame of the pavilion, installation step through every 2 meter.

If the frame of the pavilion you choose aluminum profile, it is possible to mount them you must use the special corners with holes for metal screws. Steel pipe can also be used for the installation of the pavilion, but only in this case they are fixed by welding, then reveal the design of anti-corrosion agents and paint.

Next, you need to decide on roofing material for the pavilion for the pool, this can either be plexiglass, or polycarbonate. It is recommended to give preference to the latter, because. this material has many advantages, among them: high resistance to mechanical damage, the plasticity of the material, wide color gamut and excellent insulating properties.

The fixing of the polycarbonate to the frame with screws which are placed rubber washers (that would not damage the polycarbonate). It should also be noted, the polycarbonate is easy to cut, therefore, you can create a roof design any shape, the main joints of sheets to seal with a special tape, which will protect the material from moisture and dirt.

That's the whole technology of installation of the pavilion to the pool with their hands.Once you have the shape and dimensions of the pavilion, you must create a project design which sets all sizes. On the basis of the project calculate the amount of materials needed, egged on by the estimate and go to the hardware store for shopping.

It should also be noted, today many construction companies offer prefabricated structures of various design and automatic opening systems pavilion (the door opens like a wardrobe). It is very convenient and is a very good option for rich vacationers, already installed it on your country site such as system "smart light", automatic watering of plants and heating garden paths.

Automatically operating the pavilion for the pool

Automatically operating the pavilion for the pool

Photo examples of the original pavilions for pools

Will provide you the most original designs of the pavilions for outdoor pools in the summer cottage:

I liked the idea? So why not implement it on your summer cottage? We wish you good luck with the handwritten creation of garden buildings and different country structures!

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